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Science Outside Articles Guidelines

Science Outside wants to hear from you! Tell us a story about an experience you had while doing science outdoors! We want to hear from professionals and non-professionals, whether you’re the world’s leading expert on killer whale social dynamics, or you’re a citizen scientist who gets outside on the weekends to chase birds. Your title is not important, much more important is the story you tell. We hope to make scientists more relatable to the public, and to make the public a little more scientific.

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Story Guidelines:

  • Send us articles approximately 300-800 words long.
  • It’s always good if there is a photo that goes with the story but it’s not necessary.
  • If you do plan to send an image see photo guidelines here or file types, resolution and sizes.
  • All articles must be in English.
  • Name the document in this format (Last name_article.docx).
  • Include an engaging title.
  • Include a short bio about yourself and why you do science outside.
  • Please proofread your article and run a spell-check before you submit.
  • Send your articles as a .doc, .docx or .pdf file.
  • Send your documents to
  • Please name the subject of your email appropriately (e.g. Article: Birding in the Andes).

When you send something to Science Outside you (the Contributor) agree that:

  1. The Contributor is willingly providing the content to Science Outside to be published on the website
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  3. The Contribution of the Contributor shall be published on the website at the discretion of the Science Outside team.
  4. The time period for which the Contributor’s contribution will remain published or cease to be published on the Science Outside website shall be determined solely by the Science Outside team.
  5. You retain all rights to your photographs and story, and you are encouraged to share them elsewhere!