Photo Guidelines


Science Outside Photo Guidelines

Have an image that depicts helps explain your story? We’d love to include it with your story!

Here are some guidelines to format your submission.

  • Please send the image as a JPEG or TIFF file (maximum file size 1MB) along with your story. The maximum image size on Science Outside is 900 pixels in width, so if you don’t want people downloading your image to print, feel free to save it at that size.
  • The moderators of Science Outside reserve the right to accept or reject the submitted image without providing any justification.
  • If the image has been digitally altered beyond simple adjustments to color, contrast and sharpening, etc., please state so in your post.
  • The person posting or emailing the image should hold the copyrights to the image. We will assume that you do when you send it to us. As an exception, if you are posting an image on Science Outside for which you do not hold the copyright, kindly ensure that you have the full written consent of the original photographer who holds the copyright for that image. Kindly mention the owner of the image in your post. In case you are posting an image of a person, kindly get the consent of that person before posting his image. Posting of any pirated material is strictly prohibited!
  • On the images you post please do not display anything other than your copyright mark.

When you send something to Science Outside you (the Contributor) agree that:

  1. The Contributor is willingly providing the content to Science Outside to be published on the website
  2. The Contribution provided does not violate the intellectual property rights of any individual or organization. Science Outside shall not be responsible for any intellectual property rights violations of any kind to any third party.
  3. The Contribution of the Contributor shall be published on the website at the discretion of the Science Outside team.
  4. The time period for which the Contributor’s contribution will remain published or cease to be published on the Science Outside website shall be determined solely by the Science Outside team.