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Science Outside is an online platform where both professional scientists and citizen scientists can share stories and experiences from science done outdoors. Most of us do not and will never have a job that allows us to travel the world to document and write awesome stories, but as professional and non-professional scientists we have the unique opportunity to spend time in beautiful natural habitats in a different capacity. Our passion for our fields of interest drives us to keep crazy schedules and make trips to remote locations. Along the way we may have wondrous experiences with animals, people, and technology that range from the silly to the life altering and it’s here that we’re bringing those stories together. Do have a story to share? Visit our Submit Page and share your story!

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Joe Welklin is a graduate student at Cornell University studying the behavior and physiology of Red-backed Fairy-wrens, a charismatic Australian songbird. He chases winter year-round by spending his time in Australia during the fairy-wren non-breeding season and Ithaca, New York during the school year. In his free time he enjoys running, biking, and wildlife photography. For more on his research and to see photos and videos, visit: www.josephwelklin.com and @welklinswilderness.


Sahas Barve is a post-doctoral associate at Old Dominion University. He studies the biology of Acorn Woodpeckers in California. Being a bird nerd he goes bird watching at every opportunity he gets but also enjoys cooking, singing (mostly Indian music) and reading books on world history. More on his research and blog about field stories at www.sahasbarve.com.


Kristin Leaf FrogKristin Hook is a postdoctoral associate at the University of Maryland, College Park. She studies the evolution of reproductive traits driven by post-copulatory sexual selection (sperm competition, cryptic female choice, and sexual conflict). In her free time, she enjoys music, cooking, and staying active through yoga and running. For more on her research, visit: www.kristinhook.net.

anushaAnusha Shankar is a PhD student at Stony Brook University. She studies how hummingbirds balance their energy expenditure on a daily basis. She studies them in the deserts of Arizona and the Ecuadorian Andes. She loves salsa dancing, reading fiction, mentoring students, and walking around new places. For more on her research, visit: www.anushashankar.weebly.com.

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